Photos Tanks & Things Swallowed By Nature

Yes, I read Boredpanda... occasionally. So what?

Glad you did otherwise wouldnt have seen these pics.
A note on the pics, you could have uploaded these pics to your post. They are shared all over the web and I would say that the "fair use" exception is viable.

I know that some websites (the other you use :cool:) are very cautious about using images in their posts, but if it is fair use and for non commercial use (true here) then uploading for discussion purposes is fine. I have found during a brief search at least 20 other shares of these pics, that in itself is not a reason for uploading them here but I would assume that if the author did not like the sharing of them he/she would have done something about it by now.

The main protection though is as above "non commercial", "fair use"

You have also quoted the source which, isnt any legal protection but polite and courteous

Fair use is one of the traditional safety valves intended to balance the interests of copyright holders with the public interest in the wider distribution and use of creative works by allowing certain limited uses that might otherwise be considered infringement.

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Oh and should an author find their work then they have a legal right to issue a "take down notice". If that happened here and it was proven that the copyright belonged to them, the pics etc would be well... taken down

Whats funny about these pics is that the site listed above quotes other photo sharing sites as the source, but do not quote the copyright holder, probably because they cannot.

I am very keen on protecting the copyrights of an author, in fact I constantly trawl uploaded pics on our site in an attempt to find them. When I do I send them an email and up to this date each and every one of them have kindly given permission to use the item.

Oh and anybody reading these posts, I am not a lawyer or a professional in the copyright field so dont take my words as 'law' they are my opinion based on the articles relating to this subject that I have read.
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tanks consumed by nature o10.jpg tanks consumed by nature oo1.jpg tanks consumed by nature oo2.jpg tanks consumed by nature oo3.jpg tanks consumed by nature oo4.jpg tanks consumed by nature oo5.jpg tanks consumed by nature oo6.jpg tanks consumed by nature oo7.jpg tanks consumed by nature oo8.jpg
This is how I would approach the use of an image that I want to upload for discussion.

Does the image clearly have a copyright notice and if so is a usage licence attached?
Copyright notice only with no usage specified = ask the copyright holder for permission (its a quick email)
Usage permission specified = follow the rules (usually a simple credit is required)

No copyright notice or usage licence attached and no way of finding the owner
Use the image based on your belief that it is "fair use" (if its on here then I accept fair use because we are non commercial and only discussing the image)

This is how I would use a textual article

Simply write a few lines of the text, to add context then link to the full article. If you can find any photos in the galleries insert them (not the image attached to the article unless you are sure it can be used.
This photo is of a type 97 shinhoto chi-ha tank abandoned on
Shumshu, is the second-northernmost island of the Kuril Islands chain, which divides the Sea of Okhotsk from the northwest Pacific Ocean. The name of the island is derived from the Ainu language, meaning “good island

Here are some bits of military gear "Swallowed by nature" dont know where they are though.
I found them on Imgur with no copyright details so following your instructions from above admin, I believe they would be "fair use"

nature and military 01.jpg
nature and military 02.jpg
nature and military 03.jpg
nature and military 04.jpg
nature and military 05.jpg
//Alexander Ostapenko, a Soviet military history enthusiast and World War II re-enactor from Kolomna, Russia, shared some of the images on his VKontakte social media account.//

Long after the dust from the last battle has settled, the dead have been laid to rest and the confetti from the victory parade has been swept into the gutter, the nature continues to bear the scars of human conflicts.
A remarkable series of photos taken in a Russian forest have been making the rounds on social media sites, showing what happens over time to instruments of carnage discarded in the woods.
The striking images depict rifles, artillery shells, grenades and sapper shovels embedded in tree trunks - essentially swallowed up by the natural surroundings in a silent act of protest against human folly.

Artistic ;)

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