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Da Nang, 1965.

479 tfw da nang 1965
Some random pictures of Luftwaffe's F-104 Starfighter's.
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Some random pictures of TurAF's F-104 Starfighter's.
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Some random pictures of USAF's F-104 Starfighter's.
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JF-104A (formerly YF-104A, serial # 55-2961) was modified with a hydrogen peroxide reaction control system (RCS). Following a zoom climb to altitudes in the vicinity of 80,000 feet, the RCS system gave the aircraft controllability in the thin upper atmosphere where conventional control surfaces are ineffective, 1961.
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Crater from High-Impact JF-104A Crash. Investigators pore over the site of the nose-first, high-impact JF-104A crash that left this large crater in the desert near Edwards Air Force Base in December 1962.
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Some random pictures of NASA's F-104 Starfighter's.
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Research pilots do not only fly aircraft and spacecraft. In this 1992 photo, NASA's Steve Ishmael is seated on an ejection seat as it is lifted by a crane out of the back cockpit of a NASA TF-104G.
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*EDIT* Some pictures and descriptions were taken directly from NASA's website.

In the end of my thread, i want to add a video of F-104 Starfighter's. This video taken at MacDill Airfest 2008 - Tampa, Florida. Hope you enjoyed:)(Source)
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BAF F-104Gs in 1988

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Another Beauty from the days when aircraft appeared "au natural", love these sweet chicks and all that beautiful aluminum!
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Now this is a LOW PASS!, one that could have gotten you very "Busted" in a lot of Air Forces! but KOOL! none the less, I do love it, shame its not one of the "aluminum Ladies!", I remember how angry my Dad was when USAF started "camo" on the the C-130's during Vietnam, he was so "ticked off!", he was absolutely livid!

He was an IP in the C-130A, C-130B, and C-130E at Sewart AFB, Tn. and then on to the current school house at LRAFB, Ar. where he/we retired, I was of course just a Brat! but I loved our Air Force Life!
A very nice F-104A formerly used by Jordanian Air Force with a unique coating !
At Prince Hassan Air Base in 2019.
Jordanian F-104A (900) at Prince Hassan AB (April 2019).JPG
Greek RF-104G (6642) of 336 Mira at Rimini AB, on Sqn exchange with 102 Gruppo, 5 Stormo (September 1992)
Greek RF-104G (6642) of 336 Mira at Rimini AB, on Sqn exchange with 102 Gruppo, 5 Stormo (Sept...jpg