Photos Soviet and Russian Military Educational Images


High school students at the military training camp. By the way, as part of the initial military training, the guys actively studied civil defense issues. The girls studied to be nurses, and the boys studied radiation and chemical reconnaissance, dug hiding places and learned to disassemble rubble. This knowledge was later useful, for example, in Chernobyl and Spitak. And if in the series "Chernobyl" they tell you that Soviet citizens were stupid and did not know anything about radiation - do not believe it. Both the show itself and this statement are false.

The study of issues of military service took place in military units, where the soldiers themselves talked about their service and their weapons. The study of Civil Defense took place in special classrooms on the basis of schools. Each school and each enterprise had its own educational campus, where students learned by doing. For many, as I said, this knowledge was very useful afterwards.

I will attach some photos of modern classrooms. Now the disciplines of Civil Defense, military training, countering terrorism and the rules of survival have been brought together into one subject - "Fundamentals of Life Safety". In general, this is a pretty good subject, but very little time is devoted to it in the current educational process and it does not provide any comprehensive data on the issues.

Later I will be able to show classrooms from Soviet times. I think they looked much more epic :D
Anyway, I am very interested in the educational process itself in foreign countries. Sometimes I get the impression that in the United States and England nobody was taught Civil Defense, but simply created the illusion that nuclear war is something fun and interesting. It is also interesting what image of my compatriots was painted by Western propaganda. Quite strange sensations after watching the films "Red Nightmare", "Red Dawn", "Red Scorpion" and another +100500 films with the word "Red" in the title :)

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