Photos Soviet-Afghan War 1979-1989

Very nice.......Great pics of that period, thanks for sharing these!!
Sorry for the late response.....

I read quite a lot about the Soviet's war in Afghanistan, but that was many moons maybe take it with a grain of salt. From what I remember most POWs were not treated well, many were tortured to death, a few survived as you stated above and integrated somehow into the Afghan society. The nature of the treatment the captured Soviet soldiers had to endure depended on many factors. What ethnicity did the captors belong to? Had the captors, or their families, suffered badly from Soviet actions? Did the Mudjhahideen need prisoners, for whatever reason? Were there western "advisors" with the captors? The ethnicity and the denomination of the soviet soldiers also mattered to some degree. One has to be aware that both sides played dirty and Afghan fighters as well as the civilians were often suffering from very cynic and cruel soviet tactics.
S-D -- thanks for the response. I agree wholeheartedly w/ your general assessment re: variables at play.
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C-R -- thanks for this!! Excellent video!!

I found this 2018 NYTimes article about Gennady Tsevma. It looks like his old village was annexed by the Russians during the Donbass fighting? Also, his brother ostensibly was killed in that fighting . . .

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