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Nov 14, 2005
US Army 10th mountain division

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US Army Delta/ SFOD-D MSG Paul Howe, Assault Team Leader, during Operation Gothic Serpent in Mogadishu, 1993, with DCU/ 3 colour desert camo and an underslung Masterkey shotgun on an AR.
By Brad Halling:
Oct 3rd 1993. The Battle of the Black Sea. "We had already been out once on a flight and had returned to base. I, along with a couple of teammates, were walking along the beach against the shoreline when we got the call. Quickly we ran back to the hangar to get our kit on. Minutes later, we began to assemble at the aircraft to begin what was to become the longest workday in our lives. There are several books and of course the movie Black Hawk Down that depict the day. What I will say is that every man, some really young boys, were battlefield tested that day. There was no one that survived the 3rd and 4th with unanswered questions about their mettle! When at that time, the longest sustained firefight since Vietnam subsided, the Americans had suffered 18 KIA and about 80 wounded. Two of the KIA were from the 10th mountain who had formed a force to try and come in to exfil the trapped Task Force. .
The recce/sniper element took a very hard hit. Pictured is Dan Busch kneeling (Silver Star). Standing from left to right is myself, Medal of Honor recipients Gary Gordon and Randy Shughart. This would be the last picture in which I stood with these brave men. Dan, not often spoken about, was a kid from Wisconsin. Most notable about Dan was his strong Christian values. What I respected most about Dan is that he wasn’t a part time Christian. Dan lived the life he represented.
Next to me are three dear friends. They would not survive the fight. It has been my obligation to make good and live the life they couldn’t...Each of these men were warriors but they were also kind and compassionate off the battlefield. It is my desire to carry on in life what they couldn’t"
Medium shot, right profile of US Ambassador Robert Oakley as he stands between two unidentified US Marine officers during a visit to Somalia. The Ambassador visited Somalia to show is gratitude to those involved in the mission of Operation Restore Hope. 12/1/1993.
Italian soldier at a checkpoint, Somalia, 1993
Task Force Ranger in Mogadishu, Banadir, Somalia. Army Rangers watch as 160th Little Bird Helicopters filled with Delta Operators leave.
Andover crew photographed with their personal weapons in Mogadishu, Somalia during Operation Samaritan. January 1993.

From left to right, the crew members are identified as Matt Hill, Marty Starkey, Julian Reynolds, and Nick Olney.
Troops from the 10th Mountain Division conducting a night time sweep for weapons in the small Somali village of Afgooye. The 10th Mountain Division from Fort Drum, New York, was deployed to Somalia as part of Operation Restore Hope. 30 January 1993