In Astrakhan an RuAF MiG-29 fighter jet caught fire and burned during maintenance work. August 23rd
Rostec showed a prototype of a combat exoskeleton equipped with electric motors to equip the soldier of the future. The first prototype of a combat skeleton has been created in Russia. This was announced by "Rostec", which is developing jointly with the Research Institute of Mechanics of Moscow State University. Lomonosov. It is argued that the exoskeleton is equipped with electric motors, it reduces the load on the musculoskeletal system in half, allows you to carry large loads and better fire weapons. Rostec presented the development at the Army-2021 forum. "The exoskeleton reduces the load on the musculoskeletal system by 50%, energy consumption when running and walking - by 15%, allows you to carry up to 60 kg of cargo and shoot from automatic weapons 20% more accurately," said the director of the cluster of weapons, ammunition and special chemistry Rostec Bekkhan Ozdoev. The exoskeleton servos are equipped with position sensors as well as foot pressure sensors. Thanks to this, the device adapts to human characteristics. It can be used in active and passive mode, since gearless motors are used in the development, said the head of the laboratory of general mechanics at the Research Institute of Mechanics of Moscow State University. Lomonosov Vladimir Budanov. According to him, the developers intend to introduce into the design of the exoskeleton "elements made of composites, to focus on improving the power supply and control system."

The Research Institute of Steel offers the fourth generation of dynamic protection, which is able to protect against tandem and sub-caliber ammunition, as well as complexes that provide protection against high-precision weapons, ionizing radiation and high temperatures.
The company offers ceramic armor, armor made of high molecular weight polyethylene, transparent armor materials, aluminum and titanium alloys, which are approximately 50% more effective than traditional steel armour.


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