Ah yes the Su-25 (NATO name Frogfoot)

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All these photos are available in High resoloution here http://vitalykuzmin.net

4otbr1612201101-M.jpg 467thTrainingCenter01-M.jpg 700662293_bdn87-M.jpg 1084673956_6nwZb-M.jpg 1087035534_mESXH-M.jpg 1213134482_f.jpg 1213644952_f.jpg 1214250454_f.jpg 1221945554_f.jpg 1229027707_f.jpg
That is a funny sight, where is this ? :D
The pictures are fantastic. Does anyone have any pictures of the KV1 tank that is currently on display or in use?
I will take a look later when I return from work (my proper job :confused: )
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The KV tank was ugly and had a very large profile too. I am sure though it served its purpose and the crews loved it.
The S-400 appears to be a very effective missile system. Great post @diman

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