A batch of 8 units of modernized T-90M entered service in the Sevastopol Motorized Rifle Brigade of the Guards Tank Army of the Western Military District.
IMR-2 engineering vehicle
Awesome vehicle. Does anyone know at what rate these will be replaced with the IMR-3M? And what about the BMR-3M? Is this vehicle intended to be introduced into the engineer-battalion of motor-rifle brigades or is it only meant for the separate engineer-sapper brigades at army level?


The Ka-52 features two radar antennas, rather than one like on the Ka-50. One is mounted in the nose - for ground targets - and one is mounted on a mast - for aerial targets. It also has two TV sighting systems; one under the nose and one above the cockpit. The Ka-52 has the same side-mounted cannons as the Ka-50. A Ka-52 is still equipped with its legendary 2A42 Auto-cannon the same cannon installed on the Ka-50 and BMP-2's. This auto-cannon is able to fire the same type of ammunition as fired on the BMP-2. The 2A42 Auto-cannon is able to destroy, pillboxes, tanks, helicopters, and jets with ease.
It has six wing hardpoints, two more than the Ka-50. To reduce weight, the Ka-52s armor and cannon ammunition was reduced.
Bulletproof glass covers only the front windscreen of the helicopter - 44 mm thick.
Aluminum alloy covers only the sides of the helicopter located on each side of the cockpit - 20 mm thick.
Aluminum alloy covers only the bottom of the self-sealing fuel tanks - 20 mm thick.
The helicopter has four separate fuel tanks, three at the rear of the fuselage and one just behind the cockpit. Engines are placed above the auto-cannon with the fuel tanks, spaced out around it.
Despite these measures, some performance was lost. To rectify this issue, the VK-2500 powerplant was fitted. Its two almighty Klimov TV3-117VMA, each providing 2350 BHP, 210 KGF of thrust - makes this 10,400 kg elephant dance in the sky, like a ballerina dancing on a cloud.
The Ka-52 is approved for the day, night, and adverse weather conditions.

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