Such a beauty Su fighters are, i still remember, 30 years ago, how delighted i was when i first time saw picture of Su-27 in local airforce magazine,.... in that light blue colors :), and it is still one of best looking aircraft on my list.
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Reaching out here, I’m looking for an image(s) of a Kamaz 5350 showing the engine and drivetrain, ie with the cab forward and the rear bed off. If you have something you can post, please, I’d appreciate it.

Indian Navy ships Shivalik & Kadmatt carrying out Passage Exercise (PASSEX) with Russian Federation Navy (RuFN) ships Varyag, Admiral Panteleyev & Pechenga in the Eastern Indian Ocean Region (IOR). #PASSEX from 04 - 05 Dec 2020.
Within a year, Moscow wants to form a completely new tactical unit - a mechanized division in the Kaliningrad Oblast. The information was provided by the Russian media, citing anonymous sources in the defense ministry.
The new division is to join the 11th Army Corps (11 AK in Russian: 11-й Aрмейский Kорпус) of the coastal defense forces and the land forces of the Baltic Fleet in 2021. It will include independent mechanized and armored regiments as well as the entire independent mechanized brigade - so far directly subordinate to the command of the 11 AK. The formation is to count 12 thousand soldiers and will receive the most modern weapons and equipment as well as divisional management, communication, command and fire support systems, including an organic regiment of its own artillery.


According to the Izvestia daily, in October 2020, the equipment of Kaliningrad's mechanized and armored regiments with modernized T-72B3M tanks began.


According to Russian analysts, the new Kaliningrad mechanized division for 2021 is to be a response to the strengthening of NATO forces in Poland and the Baltic states and should act as a deterrent to any plans to attack and occupy this enclave of Russia in the West.

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