Igla MANPADS misfire during this year's Clear Sky 2020 air defense competition at the Yeisk training area in the Krasnodar. Very, very lucky that no-one was injured ;)
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Wow talk about being late over 30 years :oops:...I generally see that all these projects take a lot of time and then only (very slowly) materialise in limited numbers.

The Pak-FA also dwarves Western delays. I´m quite surprised that even with Putin putting more (massive) emphasis on rearmament this still persists.

Seems all to be very ineffective.

The systems seem to be outdated already on introduction and just on par with Western systems 20 to 30 years old. Voennaia nagruzka.

It gives fuel to this article here:

Russia’s Perpetual Quest for Military Modernization

It is just my personal observation. I think this is again the wrong path to go see article above. The resources are simply not there and not well spent.

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