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Can someone identify the handgun? Thanks.
Seems to be an APB automatic pistol.

The exposition of JSC "Ruselectronics" presents the multifunctional mobile complex "Rat" on the SBA-70K2 car, designed "for the detection of UAVs, suppression of microwave radiation and physical destruction with laser weapons."

* Radar detection;
* System of directional electronic suppression;
* Complex automatic recognition and suppression
telecommunication control channels;
* System of directed laser destruction;
* Optical-electronic survey and search system;
* Unified intelligent onboard combat control system, providing integration, processing
and information display.

In the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea, a bilateral Russian-Indian naval exercise "Indra-Navi-2020" is taking place.

After the meeting of the two detachments of ships, the sailors of Russia and India worked out joint tactical maneuvering and conducted communications training. Further, from the air, a Ka-27 deck helicopter of the Pacific Fleet's naval aviation took photographs of the joint standing of the ships.

Later, the large anti-submarine ships of the Pacific Fleet "Admiral Tributs", "Admiral Vinogradov" and "Ranvijay" of the Indian Navy conducted artillery fire at a surface target - a floating inflatable target.

During the exercise, the task of replenishing supplies from a tanker with ships on the move was also practically worked out. In this episode, the large sea tanker "Boris Butoma" and the tanker of the Indian Navy "Shakti" were involved with the warships. The exercise was performed while the vessel and ships were following parallel courses at a distance of about 70 meters.

An international squadron of ships continues operations at sea according to the plan of the Indra Navi-2020 exercise.


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