Photos Romanian Communist (RPR & RSR) Era Military Pictures in my collection.

Location is given as Constanta, Black Sea port on the East Coast of Romania.

Always great to find names attached to the back of old pictures.

To the rear a handwritten notation - REVELION (NEW YEAR) 1989/90.

This picture is from the immediate period post Communist Regime when camo uniforms was introduced for the
Romanian military, two distinct types can be seen in this black and white picture.

Post Communist era period judging by the eppulattes, but still wearing the Communist era
tech-grade badge.

Similar badges in my collection
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I thought it might be helpful to add details of the Officers Dress dagger seen in this picture in my collection.
This was a standard piece of all Army Military Officers upon graduation from the military academy in the RSR period.
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Brasov 15 June 2019 Rom RPR studio.jpgBrasov 15 June 2019 Rom RPR rear.jpg

Snagged this nice little hand tinted portrait dated to 1955 and a member of the Securitate,
while attending the Brasov (Central Romania) Collector's Fair on Saturday 15th June 2019.
Some recent additions - Romanian Communist RSR era Patriotic Guard Medical Team (usually units like this could be found in factories) with additional cropped pictures for detail.

Brasov September 2019 B fronts RSR Red Cross 1 crop1.jpg
Brasov September 2019 B fronts RSR Red Cross 1crop3.jpg
Brasov September 2019 B fronts RSR Red Cross 1 crop2.jpg
Brasov September 2019 B fronts medics bag.jpg

Romanian Communist RPR era tank officer.

Romanian Communist RPR era 1955 dated, note right hand bottom corner, side caps piled neatly on the table.
A few more recent additions. -

Idetified on the back as Carol Rampeltze, the awards are civil awards for productive work, first picture I have found of these actually being worn.

DCF 1 Fruntas.jpg

DCF 3 MM.jpg

DCF 3 MM crop.jpg

Romanian Communist era military service medal for other ranks, quite possibly the 2nd class for 5 years service.

DCF 3 OMM MMMM crop .jpg

Full array Romanian Communist era Order of Military Merit I, II, III Class for Officer's and the Medal of Military Merit I, II Class
so obviously a career soldier.

DCF 3 RCFAM Acadmy badge.jpg

Military Academy badge.
DCF 3 RCFAM large group.jpg

Left Breast -

1. Order of the Star of Romania, (Unknown Class.)
2. Order of Labor (Unknown Class.)
Below the orders on the lapel -
UTC's 50th anniversary insignia.

Medal Bar - Upper row, left to right as viewed :-
1. 25th anniversary of the proclamation of the republic, 2. Liberation from Fascist subjugation medal,
3. PCR's (Communist Party of Romania) 40th anniversary medal,
4. PCR's (Communist Party of Romania)50th anniversary medal.
5. 20th anniversary of the Liberation of the country.
6. Possibly the "20th Anniversary of the Romanian Armed Forces" Medal.

Bottom Row :- left to right as viewed :-
1. 10th anniversary of Romanian Armed Forces of RPR medal,
2. 5th Anniversary of the proclamation of the Romanian People's Republic Medal,
3. 25th anniversary of the Liberation medal,
4. ????

DCF 3 RCFAM moms navy themed shoes.jpg

Naval themed shoes of the wife of the sailor.
My pickups from Brasov Collectors Fair Saturday 23 November 2019.
Brasov23 Nov 2019 B RPR Oval Cap badge.jpg

Romanian Communist RPR Era Student Officer at Military Academy of Artillery, note Soviet influenced Shoulder boards used from the period 1948-1950, pictured dated to the rear as 1951 I believe this would explain the older model shoulder board still being used until stocks were depleted or the new model was issued to units.
Brasov23 Nov 2019 B RPR Oval Cap badge rear.jpg
Brasov23 Nov 2019 PRP Admin with medal.jpg

Another RPR Romanian Communist era example Lieutenant, Administration with the epaulette Model 1948-1952 / Locotenent administratie epolet model '48-'52' Wearing the "Liberation from the Fascist Yoke" Medal, established in 1949.
Brasov23 Nov 2019 PRP Admin with medal rear.jpg
Brasov23 Nov 2019 Sanitary Workers.jpg

Added another picture of these First Aid/Red Cross personnel either working with the G.P. (Gărzile Patriotice) or a factory complex, group shot posing with medical bags, stretcher, etc.. etc..
Latest addition to my collection -
MP 1 front.jpg

RPR Communist Era Artillery Officer Lieutenant-Colonel with 6 medals.

Medals Left to Right :-
MP 1 front crop .jpg

1. Order of the Star of Romania RPR Era, Emission date 1948 (hard to distinguish which class possibly 3rd/4th Class.)
2. "Liberation from the Fascist Yoke" Medal
RPR Era. Emission date 1949 (awarded to WW2 veterans.)
3. RPR "5th Anniversary of proclamation of the Romanian People's Republic" Medal
Emission date 1952.
4. USSR Victory over Fascist Germany.
5. "5th Anniversary of proclamation of the Romanian People's Republic" Medal
Emission date 1952.
6. Medal of Military Merit - Gilt for 10 yrs. (Awarded to Other Ranks, but also worn by officers after promotion, and would continue to be worn along with the Officers Order of Military Merit when he had enough service accumulated.)
Emission date 1954.
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BTR60=TAB 60
For the sake of correctness
BTR-60P = TAB-63 (only built as prototype as they wanted the upgraded PB version)
BTR-60PB = TAB-71
BTR-70 = TAB-77 (also a 4x4 variant was built named TABC-79)
BTR-80 = B-33 Zimbru
BMP-1 = MLI-84 (with lengthened hull)
All variants are slightly different from their soviet counterparts
A couple of additions to my photo collection -

Romania RPR era Border Guard NCO in Uniform Model 1948 with two awards.

Some extra details

"He holds the rank of plutonier.

The border guards in Romania where usually in the Defence Ministry, but they where also at (in) the Interior Ministry, 1947-1960, 1989 (2 weeks), 1992-prezent.

The picture is from 1949. In the 1949, they canceled the trousers for wear with shoes for NCO (they remained only with the trousers) for high boots and also, in 1949, the letters from the collar patches where eliminated.

The belt and shoulder strap were brown leather.

The cap was dark green, (soviet influence) the nco rank have on the hat a simple cocade, in one colour, gold-brown with the letters RPR for "Republica Populară Română" the rest of the uniform was khaki.

Medals - left to right judging by the ribbons -
RPR 2 medals and wife hi rez medal crop.jpg

USSR - Victory over Germany Medal Established in 1945.
Romania RPR Era - "Liberation from the Fascist Yoke" Medal
Established in 1949.

Number 2 RSR era Platoon??

(some 27 men including the officer in the picture )

RSR Communist Soldiers crop 1 .jpg
RSR Communist Soldiers crop 2 .jpg
RSR Communist Soldiers crop 3 .jpg

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