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Rhodesian Hunter FGA.9 & Vampire T over Zambezi Valley (~1972).pngRhodesian Hunter FGA.9 (R1198) & AL-60 over Victoria falls (1970).png
Beautiful!! Great pics mate, thanks for posting these!! (Y)

Are these pics from the book: "Britain's Rebel Air Force" by chance??
No, they all come from research on the net over time !
However, I am interested in this book.
Ps, I think I may have more images of Rhodesian Vampires, I'll look.
"Britain's Rebel Air Force" can be found online but the last time I looked it was a steep price! One of the most expensive books I've seen. If your lucky, sometimes you can find it at big university library's that have great research sections. They'll have a good bit of Rhodie bush war books you can check out. I've see preview portions of it and it's a great piece detailed historical reading, a good read, but I couldn't afford the price! LMK if you find it and get one, I'd love to have a read, I'll pay postage both ways to read it second when you're done!! ;)(Y).

And YES, I'd love to see more photos of that historical plane and Rhodesia!!
It is true that it is a book at 50 euros !
I would love to have it, as the subject interests me and I am looking for books on the subject.
Being in France, and moreover lost in the middle of a remote countryside, I never had the opportunity to go to a university library, and nevertheless, I am a finished fan of books, and I think I would like to have access to one !
Anyway, I have a lot of stuff about the Rhodesian Air Force in my archives.
By searching well on the net it is possible, with patience, to find interesting things.
A nice picture of one of the ex-SAAF Vampire T.55 :
At the time, the identification numbers of the aircraft were all erased, and the roundels removed.
This picture being taken in South Africa, I think that the roundels had been given for the occasion.
Rhodesian Vampire T.55 at Durban Int'l (16 November 1977).jpg
SAS readying to board an Aérospatiale Alouette III helicopter of the Rhodesian Air Force - Operation Dingo, against the Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army at Chimoio, and Tembue, Mozambique, November 23th - 25th, 1977

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