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On this day Remembrance Day . Melbourne

Discussion in 'All other military discussion' started by airborne, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. airborne Australia

    airborne Mi Lieutenant MI.Net Member

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    http://s177.photobucket.com/albums/w218/mikewelton/Remembrance Day/

    These were taken at the Heidelberg Repat ( Veterans) Hospital where they have a beautiful Garden of Remembrance.

    Mostly present were Aussie Vets , WW11 and Vietnam, and one old chap who was Wing.Comm of an RAAF Bomber Sqdn that flew out of Lincolnshire. As you can see the Aussies encourage the school kids to attend and lay a Poppy as well as mixing with the Veterans afterwards. Tea and coffee/sandwiches are laid on afterwards.

    Because our Association is pretty well spread out we gather at the nearest RSL local Shrines in our various suburbs.

    Present with me.
    John Smith ( in specs) 25th Field Regt R.A. who provided support for 9th Battalion across Europe WW11.

    Norman Howarth. 53 Light Regiment R.A. Parachute and Glider. Rhine Crossing.

    Forbes Mcquitty Ex 2 Para 1968. Patrol Coy. NI. Belize. Some of you lads of that vintage may well remember him. ( sorry Forbes, can't remember your demob date right now)

    Best wishes to you all


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