Article Private military contracting, Erik Prince: Q&A


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Feb 20, 2020

Questions asked:

What spectrum of services can PMCs provide?

Given the breadth of technologies adopted by state-run militaries today, can PMCs keep up in the technology space?

Is a cyber security firm a PMC?

How does a state effectively defend against these hybrid threats?

Has the US effectively used contractors in the military space in recent years?

How about China and Russia?

Is China fielding contracted assets?

How has this process worked?

What is happening to protect Chinese BRI projects in geopolitically unstable parts of the world?

What is the competitive landscape? What is the market size of the PMC sector?

What went wrong in the US Afghan adventure?

What was the Prince plan?

Democracies now seem unwilling to fight. Have the Russians found a solution?

So state players have the resources to crush non state players?

Is a PMC, a reliable proxy for a state to employ long term?

Why did the US turn your solution down?

What is your red line – who would you not work for? China?

How big can PMCs go?

Many would say PMC are highly unethical undertakings. What is your response?

The answers are in the article.
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It's an opinion take or leave it this isn't a debate.

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What are you, Fox News throwing returned servicemen into the mix?
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