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Jan 21, 2002
Prince Harry calls to bring back National Service

As he prepares to leave his military career next month, Prince Harry has called to bring back National Service after revealing how his experience helped him

Prince Harry has called for the country to bring back National Service after revealing his time in the Army 'saved' him.

As he prepares to leave his 10-year military career next month, he has revealed his life could have been different if he had not served in the Army.

He said: “I dread to think where I’d be without the Army.

“Bring back National Service – I’ve said that before. But I put my hand up, as I said to the kids today, you can make bad choices, some severe, some not so severe.

“Without a doubt, it does keep you out of trouble. You can make bad choices in life, but it’s how you recover from those and which path you end up taking.

"I did it because since I was a kid I enjoyed wearing the combats, I enjoyed running around with a rifle, jumping in a ditch and living in the rain, and stuff.

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Prince Harry is right and a lot of ex-military men have been saying it for years.
It’s not only the wearing of the uniform and jumping into ditches. Military service also teaches you discipline and self-hygiene.

Another snippet from my book,


The sixteen weeks of recruit training was very hard and tough on the mind and body. The object of the whole exercise was to break the clay of the boy and mould it into a man - not just any man, but into a man who trained to think for himself, and is capable of looking after himself and others.
Some people see this as a form of bullying. I see it as a necessity. If a man is going into battle situations, then he needs to know what to do and how to do it, and to be able to complete the task given without endangering the lives of those around him.

Prince Harry is right and a lot of ex-military men have been saying it for years.

Very true John, the problem is that our society is less tolerant of being told they have to do anything, regardless of whether it will help them individually or society as a whole. The other issue is would national service really benefit the country?, we should not simply look at the benefits to the individual, lets not forget some people are beyond help and some people do not want help if it means doing something for it.

It has been said many times that modern society wants and in many cases needs spoon feeding. Gone are the days when society works for each other, more often than not we work for ourselves
Would never work for the reasons already outlined but also I would not want to be stood next to a Weed smoking idiot with a loaded gun.
Also the real soldiers who volunteered would be the ones wiping their arses thus creating more work for them.

like the idea in principle but no! no! no!

"You can take a horse to water"

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