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Feb 7, 2004
Today I was in Polish Aviation Museum in Krakow. This is very interesting place. The Krakow Aviation Museum took over a few buildings and part of the grounds of the Rakowice-Czyzny airfield, one of the oldest military airfields in Europe. Aviation and militaty history this place was stared in the end XIX century. In this time museum was balloon detachment of Garrison Artillery 2nd Regiment of Krakow Fortress.

In the museum's collection there are more than one hundred aircraft, including gliders, helicopters and anti-aircraft missiles, and also some two hundred aero engines. Several of the aircraft displayed are unique in the world. Such unique specimens include the fuselages of the World War I German warplanes such as the Halberstadt C1.II, Albatross C.I., Aviatik C.III and Roland D.VI. You can also see here the sole remaining 1916 Russian M.15 flying boat by Grigorovich, and the complete German Albatross B.IIa trainer
I think you will see photo from this place very soon
nice one polar looking forward to seeing the pictures ;)
Yes nice one polar, cant wait to see them :p
For you webmaster I and Ola have few special pic :mrgreen: :D
Thankyou very much, I look forward to seeing them :lol: :oops:
Yes, im looking forward to seeing then too polar. :lol:
Few photo are in gallery. I and Ola upload more than We select the best

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