Lushunkou naval base in 2018 and 2022, 4 Type 051-class destroyers of the 10th Destroyer Squadron (pictured left) were decommissioned at the same time in mid-2019. Replaced by 4 Type 052D along with 6 Type 052D destroyers + 6 Type 054A frigates + 2 Type 053H3G frigates.
PCL-181 Self Propelled Howitzer 155mm/L52
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never say that a soldier does not eat well! I can't imagine carrying that bowl in the backpack to eat the "ration" in combat conditions, or will there be a collapsible one? Mil-smile01
Those front door jumpers are very interesting....... :oops: you can see the slow flight speed and very low jet blast out the front, note the planes slats and flaps are trimmed out a good bit to keep her aloft.
Equipment received by the PLA 71th Air Defence Brigade of the 71th Group Army (Eastern Theatre Command)
At least 7 new SHORAD 8x8 NORINCO CS/SA5 vehicles equipped with 30mm 6-barrel cannon and FN-6 missiles.





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