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And your pictures are where?
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Well, I'm quite new in this world of posting, but a few days ago I was reading about the soviet afghan war and this threadis also releated. I recommend to check the pakistan forum ( but I will select a few photos that I like form historical planes.


Shengyang J6 note the rocket pylons under the wing, someone can identify?

Here a beautiful photo with the same underwing pylons

Of course these planes were capable of shooting the sidewinder missile
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Welcome Hueandsaigon
The website you have linked to for the images actually has the image code provided for sharing these pics
I have changed one for you in your posts, to demonstrate.

the code is at the right hand side of the photo and looks like this (it is titled "medium image"

Great to have you on board. Can I assume from your name you have some interest in Vietnam too

Here is a photo using code provided by the website
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Niice photo of the mirage
how many squadrons does/did the Pakistani Air Force have of these
Would not want that Cobra hunting me. Frightening stuff
Do we know who the pilots were? Any kind of news article about this ?
Great pictures
because this fighter isn't what pakistan needs today. The design is from the 80's and I doubt very much that chine offers a real multirole pack that has a good performance in the ground attack role. What I think that would be the best opption for pakistan is the F 18.
As an army boy I know little about the capabilities of aircraft but think they all look awesome, that said the F18 is one of the coolest looking aircraft I have ever seen.
JF-17 Thunder
Multi-role fighter
jf17 thunder.jpg

The JF-17 Thunder multi-role fighter was jointly developed by China and Pakistan

Entered service 2007
Crew 1 men
Dimensions and weight
Length 14 m
Wing span 8.5 m
Height 5.1 m
Weight (empty) 6.4 t
Weight (maximum take off) 12.7 t
Engines and performance
Engines 1 x Klimov RD-93
Traction (dry / with afterburning) 49.4 / 84.4 kN
Maximum speed ~ 2 200 km/h
Service ceiling 16.7 km
Ferry range 3 000 km
Combat radius 1 350 km
Cannon 1 x 23-mm / 30-mm
Missiles PL-12 medium-range; PL-7, PL-8, PL-9, AIM-9P short-range
Bombs general purpose or laser-guided bombs

The Joint Fighter-17 (JF-17) Thunder multi-role fighter was jointly developed by China and Pakistan. Development started in 1999. Most of the development was carried out in China by Chengdu, however development costs were split equally. It was reported that Russian Mikoyan design bureau provided some assistance in development of this aircraft. Aircraft made its maiden flight in 2003. Its official Chinese designation is the Fighter China-1 or FC-1 Xiaolong (Fiece Dragon). First 8 Chinese-built fighters were delivered to Pakistan in 2007 - 2008. In 2009 an order was signed for a further 42 fighters. These were license-produced locally by Pakistan Aeronautical Complex. By 2015 Pakistan Air Force operates 60 of these aircraft and production continues. It is estimated that total requirement of the Pakistani Air Force is for 250 new fighters. Currently Pakistan Air Force also operate a number of ageing A-5C, F-7P, Mirage 3 and Mirage 5 that a due to be replaced. This multi-role aircraft is also proposed for developing countries as a low-cost replacement for their ageing types. Recently Azerbaijan ordered 26 of these multi-role fighters.

It is worth mentioning that the FC-1 traces its origins to the Super-7 programme. It was a joint Chengdu-Grumman development project to upgrade the Chinese J-7 fighter. This programme was cancelled in 1990. China continued the Super-7 project and renamed the design as the FC-1.

The JF-17 Thunder has a conventional aerodynamic layout. Aircraft is fitted with Russian Klimov RD-93 turbofan engine with afterburner. It is a derivative of the RD-33, used on the MiG-29. In 2007 a contract was signed to supply 150 RD-93 engines for the JF-17, exported to Pakistan. China is also developing an indigenous turbofan engine, which is a copy of the RD-93, but has some modifications. It is designated as the WS-13 (Tianshan-21).

The Thunder multi-role fighters delivered to Pakistan are fitted with Italian Grifo S-7 multi-track, multi-mode pulse Doppler radar. It has look-down, shoot-down capability. Other radars can be fitted. Some sources claim, that aircraft are fitted with the Russian radars. Avionics systems will be gradually upgraded in later batches.

This aircraft is intended for air defense and ground attack missions. It is armed with a single 23-mm GSh-23 or 30-mm GSh-30 twin-barrel cannon. Maximum weapon payload is about 3.7 t. There are five hardpoints and two wingtips for missiles and fuel tanks. The JF-17 has beyond visual range attack capability. Its primary weapon are Chinese PL-12/SD-10 medium-range air-to-air missiles with active radar-homing. Aircraft also carries short-range Chinese PL-7, PL-8, PL-9 or US AIM-9P, mounted on wingtip rails. The JF-17 multi-role fighter can also carry general purpose of laser-guided bombs. Aircraft has no in-flight refueling capability.

In 2013 Pakistan began production of improved JF-17 Thunder (Block 2). It has improved countermeasures systems, in-flight refueling capability. Also this fighter aircraft can use more different weapons.
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