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On this day On this day 07 July 1944

Discussion in 'All other military discussion' started by Bombardier, Jul 7, 2014.

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    On this day 07 July 1944

    • RAF Bombers dropped 2602 tons of explosives on the City of Caen, France to prepare the way for an all out assault on the city by the British second Army.
    • B29 Bombers bombed naval targets at Sasebo on the Japanese home island of kyushu
    • About 3000 Japanese troops made a suicidal attack on U.S marine units on Saipan, inflicting heavy casualties before being stopped
    • Finnish troops began pulling back from eastern portion of the Karelian front

    source: World War Two almanac 1931-1945 (a political and military record) by Robert Goralski

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