Photos NVA East German Armed Forces (1956-1990)

AN 26 in Dresden in 1990 few Days before the NVA would cease to exist

"Max Reichpietsch" OSA 1 class

Supply ship "Kühlung"

"Perleberg" Parchim class (now in service with the Indonesian Navy) Indonesia bought all GDR Parchims of 16 14 are still in service and they have been refurbished. GDR design

"Fritz Heckert" Shershen class
T 34 crew circa 1960. Kind of funny that when you think about it that their fathers or older brothers could have driven Tigers or Panthers of the Wehrmacht that were far superior and well capable of letting their rounds go through that tank like a hot knife through butter.

Who are these guys?

40. Fallschirmjäger?

They look kinda Warsaw Pact high speed with free fall rigs, nav panels, helmet hair, dress/bearing.


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These are members of the SAklK-5 (Spezialaufklärungskompanie 5 - "Special Reconaissance Company 5") at the FJABas-40 (Fallschirmjägerausbildungsbasis 40 - "Airborne Training Base 40") at Burg near Magdeburg. The photo shows the group that made the last freefall jump in the NVA history.
in 1990 when east german fell,nva escape to eastern block,soviet,etc? ❓
No. The NVA was integrated into the West German armed forces aka Bundeswehr. I.e. most of the gear was sorted out or sold to other countries, and a number of personnel were integrated into Bundeswehr.
East German frogmen armed with MPi-K rifles (AK-47 clones).

East German designated marksman trooper bearing SVD Dragunov.

Parading East German soldiers bearing MPi-KM assault rifles (AKM clones) in East Berlin.

East German T-55AM2B tank hitting the coastline from landing ship.

Parading East German T-72 MBTs in East Berlin, 1980s.

East German air defence exercise with 9K35 Strela-10 mobile air defence system in 1988.

East German SPW-50 armoured personell carrier in the terrain.

Light Torpedo S-Boat Wiesel from the extinct German Democratic Republic Navy (Volksmarine). Built in mahogany wood they were developed into 3 variants, torpedo, mine-laying (as shown in the pic) and as small assault boat with capacity for 32 soldiers. 24 units served between 1964-77.

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