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Quiz Navy Quiz

Discussion in 'All other military discussion' started by TankBuster, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. TankBuster

    TankBuster Mi Sergeant MI.Net Member

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    Heres a quiz on the worlds navies

    1. What is the United States equivilant of the "goal keeper"? (a weapon)
    2. What is the Silkworm missles purpose? country of origin?
    3. In the "Hunt for Red October" the Red October is attacked by a Russian sub and a russian plane. What is the plane? the sub?
    4. The most infamous German battle ship Scharnhorst was sunk by a plane that was obsolete long before the war began. What was the name of the palne? what was it's nickname?
    5. The royal navy has sold many of its old carriers? what are the names of 5 of them (their current name and old class) and where are they now?
    6. What soviet sub(s) are capable of short range anti air defence using SAMs
    7. What is odd about russia's Helix ASW helo? what is its max take off weight?
    8. Name 6 carriers from 3 different nations.
    9. Russian carriers are cappable of limited surface to surface cobat. what missles do they use?
    10. What does ADCAP stand for?
  2. Matzos United Kingdom

    Matzos Mi Captain MI.Net Member

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    Here goes

    1. Phalanx
    2. An anti-ship cruise missile made by the People's Republic of China
    3. Oscar & Bear
    4. Swordfish, 'String-bag'
    5. HMS HERCULES Light Fleet Carrier currently INS Vikrant 1961-(India) 2001
    HMS HERMES II Light Fleet Carrier Ex Elephant Currently INS Viraat (India)
    HMS MAJESTIC Light Fleet Carrier became HMAS Majestic (Australia) renamed HMAS Melbourne
    HMS VENERABLE Light Fleet Carrier Renamed Karel Doorman then ARA Vientecinco de Mayo 1968 (Argentina) 25° de Mayo
    HMS VENGEANCE Light Fleet Carrier became HMAS Vengeance 1953 (Australia)
    Minas Gerais 1960 (Brazil)
    6. Akula/Akula-II
    They have a Strela SAM system
    These two have a SA-14 system
    7. Two sets of blades and has a 800kg payload
    8. Charles De Gaulle - France
    Foch - France
    Kitty Hawk - USA
    John F. Kennedy - USA
    Varyag - Russia
    Kuznetsov - Russia
    9. SS-N-19 'Shipwreck' missile
    10. ADCAP (advanced capabilities), used in the US MK-48 Torpedo
  3. GunBunnyInaMAB

    GunBunnyInaMAB Mi Lieutenant MI.Net Member

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    Fck you, huangdong47!! Your understanding of the English language speaks volumes about your lack of intelligence. Go suck on a live grenade, fckin' spammer!!

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