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County class destroyer (DDG) HMS Devonshire (D02)

Ending her days as a target ship. Sea Eagle missile test fired from a Harrier off Illustrious
The upper bow unit of the future aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy (CVN 79) is fitted to the primary structure of the ship, July 10, 2019, at Huntington Ingalls Industries Newport News Shipbuilding. John F. Kennedy is the second Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier and the second aircraft carrier to be named after the 35th president. The 1,096-foot hull is longer than three football fields and more than 3,000 shipbuilders and 2,000 suppliers from across the country are supporting the construction of the ship. The christening for John F. Kennedy is scheduled for late 2019.
Nuship Adelaide III (L01) and sister HMAS Canberra III (L02) at Garden Island, Sydney, in July 2015.
US Aircraft Carrier CV-06 USS Enterprise, Yorktown Class Was Launched At Newport News Shipbuilding, 3 October 1936
Ohio-class fleet guided-missile submarine USS Florida (SSGN 728) sails in the Mediterranean Sea
The Ohio SSGN have had their Trident missiles swapped out and inserts added to hold seven tomahawks per tube.

Project 1840 NATO Codenamed Lima
Not much is known about this class of submarine and in fact few pictures have surfaced of her (pardon the pun), but what we do know is only one submarine was ever built of this project she was the BC-555.
From what I have been told about this submarine by a Former Russian Navy Officer she was designed to be a support submarine that was capable of being the mother vessel to deep sea divers operating at depths of around 300-320 meters, she was purpose built with hypobaric chambers and pressure systems to pressurize the submarine while dived to allow for saturation diving and all the associated support divers require.
The BC-555 was laid down in October 1977, Launched in August 1978 and following trails she commissioned in December 1979.
She was tested in the Baltic however her home port was Sevastopol Crimea, unlike the usual transits which see the unit sail to its new home port this was different, clearly the Soviets did not want her spotted or followed, so instead of the usual transit through the Mediterranean she was transported by covered barge via inland waterways.
Now bear in mind this boat was large almost as big as the Foxtrot and Tango classes she was 86 meters long 9.5m wide and displaced some 2,500tons when submerged (2,000tons surfaced).
She had a crew of 42 not including the divers, its clear her top casing is completely flat kind of giving us a clue that she was used in that role, and quite possibly also used for testing other technologies as well.
The BC-555 was withdrawn from service in 1993 and scrapped in St Petersburg between 1997-98

The mighty battlecruiser HMS Hood with HMS Renown in the distance. Circa 1932.

HMS Hood in Australia, 1924
HMS Yarmouth was a Rothesay or Type 12 class anti-submarine frigate of the British Royal Navy in the 1960's - 1980s.
For over a century the Inactive Ships Basin at Philadelphia Naval Shipyard was at times stuffed with laid-up, mothballed ships - known in recent decades as Mobilization Category B, or "MobCat B." Ships that were stricken for disposal - Mobilization Category Z - typically remained in the basin until towed away for disposal after demilitarization work had been done at the facility. While a visitor might get the impression the ships just sit in the same spot awaiting their fate, the Inactive Ships Maintenance Facility routinely moves many of them around for all sorts of reasons. Here are a few shots of the destroyer and frigate nests at Philly from 1992, 1993 and 1994. Most of these ships are DDG 2 Charles F Adams-class and DDG 40 Coontz-class destroyers and FF 1052 Knox-class frigates.

Naval Inactive Ships Maintenance Facility
Philadelphia Naval Shipyard
14 December 1994

Bows at left of LUCE (DDG 38), MAHAN (DDG 42), MacDONOUGH (DDG 39) and WILLIAM V PRATT (DDG 44). FF 1052s are: BLAKELY (FF 1072), MILLER (FF 1091), W S SIMS (FF 1059), VALDEZ (FF 1096) and PATTERSON (FF 1061)

left to right: JOHN KING (DDG 3), CHARLES F ADAMS (DDG 2), PAUL (FF 1080), SAMPSON (DDG 10), SELLERS (DDG 11), LUCE (DDG 38), MAHAN (DDG 42), MacDONOUGH (DDG 39) and WILLIAM V PRATT (DDG 44). FF 1052s are: BLAKELY (FF 1072), MILLER (FF 1091), W S SIMS (FF 1059), VALDEZ (FF 1096) and PATTERSON (FF 1061)
USS Massachusetts in Boston Harbor, 12 May 1942.

Under way at six knots in Puget Sound, Washington, after her final overhaul, 22 January 1946.
Canada (RCN):
HMCS Regina donning 'dazzle' camouflage to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the battle of the Atlantic.
QE as she conduct's a RAS with RFA Tideforce crossing the Atlantic 2019

HMS Queen Elizabeth at night

'Commando' Merlin Mk 4 on HMS Queen Elizabeth

HMS Queen Elizabeth
USS Jason Dunham [DDG-109] with HMS Dragon [D35] and HMS Queen Elizabeth [R08] in the background
Pr. 68U 'Zhdanov'

Project 1134-B missile cruiser "Kerch" and Project 1135M frigate "Pytlivyy". Mediterranean Sea. 1991
Class-leader USS Forrestal (CVA-59) underway at sea on 31 May 1962, while preparing for her fifth deployment. McDonnell F4H-1 Phantom II’s of Fighter Squadron 74 (VF-74) on deck.

USS New Orleans (LPH-11) in Pearl Harbor in 2006 going through final preparations for a SINKEX

USS Glennon (DD-840), USS Elmer Montgomery (DE-1082) and USS Springfield (CLG-7) in Naples Harbor, October 1973. View shows LCM-6 underway between DE-1082 and DD-840
Birth of a battlecruiser. Laying down the keel of HMS Repulse at John Brown & Co Clydebank yard in Glasgow (Scotland) 1915

HMS Renown firing a salvo, Dec 1, 1942