Photos Navies Of All Nations

Project 1164 Atlant (NATO Slava) class cruiser Ukraina,

The Ukraina was laid down in 1983 and launched in 1990 just before the fall of the Soviet Union. Due to budget constraints work on the cruiser stopped in the early 1990s and the ship was left unfinished. In 1993 the cruiser was withdrawn from the Russian Navy and passed to Ukraine. In 1997 Ukraine stated that it had no need for the cruiser and was willing to sell it. Russia was unwilling to buy the cruiser, China and India were then approached but showed no interest at the time. In addition, the U.S. government has asked the Ukrainian government to stop supplying military technology to China in exchange for NATO accession and economic assistance. In 2007 Ukrainian sources stated that the cruiser needed was ~95% complete and needed $30 million dollars to be finished. Negotiations to sell the warship to Russia fell through in 2011. She remains moored at Mykolaiv as of 2022.
HMS Tamar, built 1863 as a troopship. served as base ship at Hong Kong harbour, 1897-1941
Battleships USS Florida (BB-30) and USS North Dakota (BB-29) cruising the Pacific Ocean, circa 1922-23
South Africa:
Divers jump from SAS Vrystaat (F157) Type 15 anti-submarine frigate. Ex W class destroyer HMS Wrangler. HMS Wrangler was present in Tokyo Bay when the Japanese formally surrendered on 2 September 1945.
Battleship HMS Erin uses a kite balloon to evaluate her smoke-screening abilities

HMS Erin was a dreadnought battleship, originally ordered by the Ottoman government from the Vickers Company. The ship was to have been named Reşadiye when she entered service with the Ottoman Navy. The Reşadiye class was designed to be at least the equal of any other ship afloat or under construction. When the First World War began in August 1914, Reşadiye was nearly complete and was seized at the orders of Winston Churchill, the First Lord of the Admiralty to keep her in British hands and prevent her from being used by Germany or German allies.

Aside from a minor role in the Battle of Jutland in May 1916 and the inconclusive Action of 19 August the same year, Erin’s service during the war generally consisted of routine patrols and training in the North Sea. The ship was deemed obsolete after the war; she was reduced to reserve and used as a training ship. Erin served as the flagship of the reserve fleet at the Nore for most of 1920. She was sold for scrap in 1922 and broken up the following year.
Project 206MR Vikhr (NATO Matka) class hydrofoil missile boat Priluki
London class pre-dreadnought battleship HMS London entering Malta Harbour, 1915
Admiral Hipper class heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper in Norway
Baltimore-class heavy cruiser USS Pittsburgh (CA-72) at Pearl Harbor, Nov 1954
The heads of the US Navy's Camouflage Section, Everett Longley Warner (left) and Harold Van Buskirk (right), in a room where scale model camouflage-painted ships were stored before being tested circa 1917.

USS Leviathan transports troops back to the United States, 1918-19. Formerly the HAPAG liner Vaterland, she was taken over when the US entered WW1. Remained in service until she was scrapped in 1938
Perfectly timed photo by Neil Leifer showing the 16" shells mid-flight as USS New Jersey fires, Gulf of Tonkin, October 1, 1968.
Java class light cruiser HNLMS Java firing a broadside in 1938
Imperial Japan:
Aircraft carrier Shokaku attacked by USS Yorktown (CV-5) planes, during the morning of 8 May 1942. Flames from a bomb hit on her forecastle are visible, as are smoke and splashes from dive bombers' near misses off her starboard side. Photographed from a Torpedo Squadron Five TBD-1. What appear to be erratic torpedo tracks are visible in the lower left. Official U.S. Navy Photograph
Royal navy Fairey Barracuda aircraft flying low over battleship Richelieu, Feb 1944
On July 9, 1940, Force H set off from Gibraltar to attack Cagliari as a diversion to protect convoys leaving Malta, when they came under surprise attack by 40 Savoia SM.79 bombers from Villacidro, near Cagliari. The photo was taken from aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal and shows battleship HMS Valiant and battlecruiser HMS Hood.

Vesuvius in eruption forms a striking background to this study of the Troubridge Class destroyer HMS Tumult, 1944
March 30, 1943, Vittorio Veneto fires a trial shot from one of her 381mm/50 guns while moored at La Spezia naval base. Later on the same day, the battleship will go out into the Gulf of La Spezia to conduct day and night shooting exercises.
USS Tulsa (LCS-16) transits the Andaman Sea while on rotational deployment with the Seventh Fleet, December 14, 2021.

Amphibious assault ship USS Tripoli (LHA 7) operates off the coast of Southern California, Feb. 24. 2022
Aquitaine-class FREMM frigate Auvergne joined the Charles de Gaulle CSG in the Eastern Mediterranean after participating in exercise Dynamic Manta, Feb 28, 2022
TBF Avenger of VT-31 drifts over the port catwalk of the carrier USS Cabot (CVL-28) during an attempted recovery on December 14, 1943