Photos Navies Of All Nations

Minesweeper HMCS Saskatoon (MM 709) departing San Diego 16 May 2021
HNLMS Evertsen of the Royal Dutch Navy. The ship belonged to the Admiralen class, all of her sister ships met their fate during the Second World War

HNLMS Piet Hein: HNLMS Piet Hein was sunk during the Battle of Badung Strait on the 19th of February 1942. She was hit by a torpedo by the Japanese destroyer Asashio, which caused the ship to sink with 62 hands.

HNLMS Evertsen: After the battle of the Java sea, she was severely damaged during the Battle of Sunda Strait on the first of March 1942 and her stern caught fire, which led to the captain ordering his crew to ground the ship.

HNLMS Van Ghent was accidently grounded on a reef near the island Bamidjo on the 15th of February 1942. The crew set the ship on fire and later it was further destroyed by Japanese bombers.

HNLMS Kortenaer: On the 27th of Februari HNLMS Kortenaer met her fate during the Battle of the Java sea. She was hit by a torpedo of the Japanese heavy cruiser Haguro, which caused her to sink.

HNLMS Van Galen: HNLMS Van Galen met her fate early war, during the German invasion of the Netherlands. She supported Dutch troops around Rotterdam and destroyed three German planes. She was damaged by German Stuka's, which caused the crew to sink the ship themselves after a damage report.

HNLMS Witte de With: After the Battle of the Java sea. she was assigned as escort for HMS Exeter. She was sunk in port by Japanese bombers on the first of March, 1942.

HNLMS Banckert: On the 24th of February HNLMS Banckert was hit by a Japanese bomber. The Dutch submarine KXVIII damaged the ship to prepare it to be sunk on the 2nd of March 1942.

HNLMS Van Nes: HNLMS van Nes was sunk on the 17th of February 1942. A Japanese bombing raid broke her into two.
Imperial Japan & RN:
Light cruiser, Yura off Shanghai, China, on 18 August 1937, during hostilities between Japan and China. The RN destroyer HMS Duncan is steaming in the opposite direction, beyond Yura's stern. Note General Motors China, Inc., godown (warehouse) in the right background, Holt's Wharf in the left distance, and sampan in the right foreground. Courtesy Vice Admiral Morton L. Deyo, USN (Retired), 1973. U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph.
Japan & France:
JS Ise (DDH-182) and FS Surcouf (F711) during ARC21 exercise
Destroyer INS Ranvir test firing BrahMos supersonic cruise missile, 2009
Exercise Saif Sareea II (Sept-Oct 2001)- HMS Ocean and HMS Illustrious lead 2 Type 23 frigates and 2 Type 42 destroyers accompanied by supporting ships, a total of 26 Royal Navy vessels participated, the largest peacetime deployment since the Falklands war

HMS Illustrious (Aircraft Carrier)
HMS Cornwall (Type 22 frigate)
HMS Monmouth (Type 23 frigate)
HMS Fearless (Landing Platform Dock)
HMS Ocean (Landing Platform Helicopter)
HMS Marlborough (Type 23)
HMS Southampton (Type 42 destroyer)
HMS Nottingham (Type 42)
HMS Inverness (Mine Countermeasures Vessel (MCMV)
HMS Cattistock (MCMV)
HMS Quorn (MCMV)
HMS Walney (MCMV)
HMS Beagle (Coastal Survey Vessel)
HMS Roebuck (Hydrographic Survey Vessel)
RFA Fort Victoria (Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment)
RFA Fort Rosalie (Stores Ship)
RFA Sir Tristram (Landing Ship Logistic)
RFA Sir Galahad (Landing Ship Logistic)
RFA Sir Percivale (Landing Ship Logistic)
RFA Sir Bedivere (Landing Ship Logistic)
RFA Oakleaf (Support Tanker vessel)

HMS Boxer (F92) first of the Batch 2 Type 22 frigates of the Royal Navy after being hit with two Harpoon missiles during a SINKEX in August 2004
PACIFIC OCEAN (April 25, 2021) The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Rafael Peralta (DDG-115) conducts a live-fire exercise of the MK 45 5-inch gun in the Pacific Ocean, April 25, 2021. Rafael Peralta is assigned to Task Force 71/Destroyer Squadron (DESRON) 15, the Navy's largest forward-deployed DESRON and the U.S. 7th Fleet's principal surface force. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Daniel Serianni)

Future USS Carl M. Levin (DDG 120) launched at Bath Iron Works, May 20th 2021

USS Bulkeley (DDG-84) during high speed turn
Netherlands & USN:
LCU-1644, left and LCU-1663, right assigned to Assault Craft Unit (ACU-2), rehearse storming the beach in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, 6 June 2006. ACU-2 is embarked aboard the amphibious assault ship USS Bataan (LHD-5), underway joining military forces from France, Spain, United Kingdom and Venezuela in the Dutch led Joint-Caribe Lion, 2006 (J-CL06) exercise. In the distance is the Royal Netherlands Landing Platform Ship HNLMS Rotterdam (L800).
US Navy photo # 060606-N-8154G-115 by PH3 Jeremy L. Grisham.
6 February 1991, Persian Gulf. Engaged in the operation Desert Storm, USS Missouri (BB-63) is shelling Iraqi command bunkers and artillery positions established along the Kuwaiti coastline.
Egypt & Italy:
FREMM Al-Galala (FFG-1002) sails with Italian Navy FREMM Carlo Margottini (F-592)
Project 1135 Burevestnik class (NATO Krivak class) frigate Ladny launching an URK-5/SS-N-14 Rastrub/Silex SSM/ASW missile

Project 636 Varshavyanka class (NATO Improved Kilo class) Novorossiysk
HMS Charger (P-292) with an Astute Class trialling new force protection procedures for surfaced submarines off the West Coast of Scotland. May 2021
Commissioning pamphlet from the Philadelphia Navy Yard for USS Wisconsin (BB-64).

USS Wisconsin (BB-64) tied up alongside the USS Oklahoma (BB-37) at Pearl Harbor, November 1944.

The launching of USS Wisconsin (BB-64).

USS Wisconsin (BB-64) as seen from the oiler Taluga (AO-62), January 1945.
HMS P614 and a minesweeper in the port of Murmansk in 1942

HMS P614 was an Oruç Reis-class submarine ordered by the Turkish Navy in 1939. Similar to the RN S class but a little smaller, having only 4 bow tubes. The four boats were requisitioned on the outbreak of WW2 and operated by the RN as the P611 class.

P614 was delivered to Turkey in 1945 with P611 & P612 being returned in 1942. P615 was sunk in 1943.
Imperial Japan:
Sailors practice Judo aboard the cruiser Kashima, Truk Atoll, 1 May 1942
Light cruiser USS Brooklyn messdeck, 18 January 1938


Locker area


Supply officer's cabin

Captain's cabin
Imperial Italy:
Ironclad Duilio at Venice, ca. 1900

Duilio had been already reduced to a training ship, as it happened in 1900; this because she was by then completely unfit even for secondary service, as she hadn't been modernized like her sister ship Dandolo. She would remain in use until 1906, when she was decommissioned on 20 October 1906, and struck on 27 June 1909.