Myths the Anti-War movement lived by-the Vietnam War was not legal


Sergeant Major
MI.Net Member
May 31, 2004
This myth involves the premise that the Vietnam War was in some fashion, an illegal war. The common belief is that LBJ somehow put one over on Congress and charged into the war headlong leaving Congress rolling in the dust like roadkill. Nothing is farther from the truth. A committee existed in Congress led by Senators Mike Mansfield and Hubert Humphrey (before they turned their coats) called the “Save South Vietnam Campaign” that was pushing Johnson hard to enter the war. Congress, by majority vote authorized the President to engage in hostilities against the VC and NVA by joint resolution, a move declared Constitutional by the Supreme Court in the early 1800’s.

At that time we were going to war with the Barbary Pirates, whose quaint way of declaring war was to cut down the flagpole at the embassy. Not having anything as dramatic in our political handbag, a joint resolution had to do.

Thus the Constitutional requirement for a declaration of war against the VC and NVA was fulfilled. Therefore, Jane and others in the anti-war movement did commit treason.