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Mar 23, 2008
Don't know if it's the right place to post, if not Mods feel free to move it elsewhere. So being a collector I guess I'd post some of the bits I own and owned in the past. Also never mind the airsoft AEG in the pics, I was in airsoft a lot back then

I'll begin with my Nam gear (sadly I don't have it anymore... )




A more modern one (sold this one in favor of other rarer things)
I got this IBA right from a Marines in 2004

Some of my British militaria




I must add that I never alter any kit to make it look like the real deal, everything pictured there came in this state.

Feel free to ask any questions!

*Edit: I had to delete quite a lot of pics, but I<ll repost these later*
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Hi Vince,

nice set of gear. The pictures should have gone into the Gallery under your own name, with all the other photos, but do not worry about it it will more than likely get transfered over later.

Yes mate great pics, as Silky say the best place to post them is in our galleries. You can be sure then they will never show the infamous red cross as they are stored on our servers. once uploaded there you can use the code for the linked thumbnail image and post them all over the net, including here in the forums.

That said its not a hard and fast rule so if you prefer to host them elsewhere and post the here thats ok too.

Its a shame you had to sell your VN gear
Well all these pics are already hosted on my Photobucket and don't have them anymore on my harddrive. But thanks for the tips, you can be sure newer ones will be hosted here in the gallery!

Yess I really regret having sold all of my Nam collection... Especially considering I had many original SOG items.

So here's another batch of pics.

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Nice collection of Berets. Is the SAS one an original ?
Frankly I couldn't say for the fact that I don,t know what's written in a real one.

But the Para and RM ones are real.
Some of my British militaria


That Utility Pouch with the snapper stud is a trials '85 Pattern PLCE. Everything else, less the US ALICE Waterbottle and Field Dressing/Compass Pouches, are '90 Pattern. Looks like it was used on Op Granby (Gulf War). No Bayonet Frog?
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I remember '58 only too well!

Hated it: every pouch seemed to be completely ill-fitted for the kit that was designed to go into it. The Poncho Roll was slightly too big for a Poncho alone, too small for Poncho with NBC clothing. Everything seemed to be ad hoc and wrong, especially for tabbing.

When PLCE was introduced, it was the opposite. I still use the Utility and Waterbottle pouches for bushcraft.
("Tabbing": Paraspeak for travelling distance at speed, tactically.)