Photos Multinational Exercises Of All Types

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Air refueling exercise with Finnish F/A-18 hornets from Karelian Air Command and USAF KC-135 Stratotanker from 100th Air Refueling Wing in Finland. Exercises like this are held twice a year.
August 17th to August 28th, exercise Blue Wings 2020 was held at Nörvenich Air Base.
It was the first time ever the IDF flew their F-16 fighter jets to Germany. 6 F-16’s will fly from Nörvenich, 2 KC-707 from Köln Bonn and 2 G550 participated too. One of them will fly the 18th with 2 Typhoon and 2 F-16 over the 1972 Olympic Village, Fürstenfeldbruck (where the hostage taking ended in tragedy), and over the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial.

The following IDF aircraft took part in "Blue Wings 2020":

531 F-16C 101 Sqn Israeli AF Atomi4
534 F-16C 101 Sqn Israeli AF Atomi5
536 F-16C 101 Sqn Israeli AF Atomi6
628 F-16D 105 Sqn Israeli AF Atomi3
676 F-16D 105 Sqn Israeli AF Atomi2
682 F-16D 105 Sqn Israeli AF Atomi1
569 Gulfstream G550 122 Sqn Israeli AF Glory1
679 Gulfstream V 122 Sqn Israeli AF IAF122
522 KC-130H 131 Sqn Israeli AF IAF133 arr/dep
260 KC-707 120 Sqn Israeli AF Giant1 arr/dep
275 KC-707 120 Sqn Israeli AF Giant3 arr/dep