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GMW Mreinfo

Discussion in 'Good Military Websites' started by jfko6, Dec 25, 2016.

  1. jfko6 United States

    jfko6 Mi Recruit MI.Net Member

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    Since I saw an Admin post a message about bringing exposure to this site, I want to do the same for MREInfo.Com, a goto place for detailed information about the past, present, and future of military meals from all branches of the service and military organizations worldwide. Discussions include reviews and evaluations with one member, Steve1989, who got his hands on a Civil War cracker-type food item and consumed it. It's all on video. How's that for longevity.

    The website is www.mreInfo.Com
    Our forums our located at MREInfo.Com/forums

    We have plenty of videos of military training, history, movie clips, and TV series clips which can be found under videos in the forums. You'll see that there are over 500 videos in there for the purpose of informing the public of ongoing conflicts throughout the world, at the same time, informing the public in a wide variety of topics. A Survival Video section was also created recently at the request of the forum members. The site has been ongoing for 12 years. With over 1,500 members we are, based on observation (not statistics), adding several members a week.

    So come and visit. In the spirit of this site, I think you'll find a lot of worthwhile content in the Military Video section on the forums.

    Merry Christmas!

    My introduction,
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  2. Bombardier

    Bombardier Admin & Arbiter Staff Member Site Admin

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    Nice site with lots of info about Military Rations worldwide.

    Here is the video of the guy eating the disgusting looking civil war cracker. NO WAY WOULD I PUT THAT IN MY MOUTH!!!! :)

  3. saiga

    saiga Content Mod Mi.Net Supporter Content Mod

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    Jesus...my mother-in-law bakes something very similar to that each Christmas. Probably it tastes the same...
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