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military guns lost
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Now that makes me sad that poor gun left all alone in the cold, there should be a law against cruelty to artillery guns.
Makes me wanna rush over there and give it a big hug and take it home with me ;)
Not a meme, but I think it will also improve your mood:
This morning, around 5:00 am during the takeoff from the airport in Yakutsk An-12 aircraft opened the door of his cargo hold. As a result, bars of gold and platinum spilled onto the runway. Some sources also speak about diamonds. The airport was closed for about an hour, needed to collect bars and clean the belt. It is unofficially known that 172 bars of 20 kg each were found.
The damaged plane stopped the flight. He landed at the nearest airport - Magan, 12 km away from Yakutsk. There, the causes of failure are examined. It is known that at the airport in Yakutia a part of the cargo door was found.


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