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Guns From Heaven by James Dietz (The 319th and 320th Glider Field Artillery Battalions, and the 376th and 456th Parachute Field Artillery in Holland.)

“HMS Kelvin – D-Day +6” by Francis Flint. The painting is noteworthy in that it portrays three important personalities of the Second World War (1939 – 1945) – Sir Winston Churchill (Prime Minister of the United Kingdom); Field Marshal Sir Alan Brooke (Chief of the Imperial General Staff) and Field Marshal Jan Christiaan Smuts (Prime Minster of the Union of South Africa). The event was the visit by Churchill to Normandy on 12 June 1944, six days after the initial invasion took place on 6 June.

On 20 September 1965, Captain Phillip E. Smith of the 436th TFS (based at Da Nang AB) in F-104C s/n 56-883, was intercepted and shot down by two PLAAF Shenyang J-6 when his aircraft, due to equipment failure and incorrect navigational command, has strayed into Chinese airspace over Hainan Is. Smith ejected and later captured. Two more F-104s of the 436th lost in mid-air collision while searching for Smith's missing jet.

Smith eventually released in March 1973, after spent eight years in captivity.

Artwork by Julien Lepelletier.
WOW, some great art there......Great pics THANKS for sharing! (Y)

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