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Cruise missiles "Hvasar-1" and "Hvasar-2" during training launches 03/22/2023

Well lads, nothing about that is going to be good ? :oops::(

Look for these things to be fired all over the place at So. Korea and Japan among other places
I love the fashion sense of the North Korean's, from the leader on down to the grunts!! No wonder no one wants to stay......
Rocket Man has a nuke sub now? So the story goes. Anybody but me sense a mysterious undersea accident soon to happen?
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I’m no sub guy or maritime engineer, but I‘m guessing that welded on missile bay sitting above the pressure hull could be a centre of gravity(CG) problem.

Compare this abortion to every SSBN built, you’ll notice that over time and with each progressing generation the missile decks of SSBNs seem to be buried lower in the pressure hull, I assume at least partly to lower the CG and enhance stability.

I wonder if this high CG bolt on missile deck will act somewhat like the exact opposite of a sailboat’a lead keel bulb?

This looks like lead filled high CG lipstick on a Romeo Class pig.

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