Had some thick leather lying around.
Rubbed it over with melted candle wax in a stove pot then heated it with a heat blower to get it to absorb wax and left the handling and buffing marks in for character and its only for the bush..
Its an Ontario with 1075 or 95 carbon steel. Good trail blazer.
very good piece Hungarian sabre, is in good condition despite the time, the patina makes it look very good, I guess that the sleeve will not have even the metal fittings, right?

I dont have the sheath.
Solingen is the knife making town in Germany. "Solingen" steel will generally be like .6 to .75 % carbon and manganese and being of old vintage respectfully considered the better era for quality and collect-ability. There were dozens of little manufacturers.
I got a Leatherman Free K4 delivered the other day. quite handy, I like it.

Looking at Rat's posts again, I'd really like to get into knife making. I'm unsure if my toddler like discipline, concentration and and attention are suited to the task though...
A machete I got quite a few years back, I have found contrary indications as to it's authenticity. Some sources stating that it was an original war time production, other saying that these blades were made for an Army store post-war. Maybe someone on this site can chime in?