Intro Just whish to introduce myself, on this forum...


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Apr 17, 2012
To members of Board!

I whish to begin this introduction by emphesizing the following fact, so that there will not be any missunderstandings between myself and anyone else on this forum, futurewise:

I, "A.B", am Not a Veteran of specifically US Armed Forces. Nor am I a US citizen, or even resident.

Am Swedish, and have served for a brief period in mainly SwAF, but also in SwARMY. Initial service was by "mandatory" service (abolished rather recently, and changed to "professional service only" so to say). Did however "stay on" in armed forces for a short period, after my mandatory service was at end. Have however now been a civilian for many years, also with "reserv-status" being at end aswell as of rather some years.

My "aim" is to "be of good use" so to say, on Veteran Forums. Have tried to be so, on US Veteran internet-forums, since late winter of 2000. Mainly by trying to assist Veterans in efforts of re-connecting with Brothers In Arms from service, with whom they have lost contact with since "DEROS". Am otherwise also trying to assist in "gathering of info and/or info-sources".

Having checked this forum a little before signing up as a new member, I can note that there are a few board-handles I recognize from other forums, (such as for example "patriotfiles" and "historychannel"), where I posted earlier. This was however rather some time ago though....

T G C! ( = "Take Good Care!" ).

Wlecome A.B and thanks for making your position clear.
You are most welcome here (Y)
Hi A.B I see you made it.

Note to the forum members:

A.B is an old cyber friend who has helped Vietnam Vets connect with those they served with and many other things related to the VN War.
He will be a great asset to Mil Imgs.