Quiz Jackpot Question No. 1

I have just added 4, take a look at my 3 displayed theres also crossed cavalry swords. More to come.... :D
1. The English Longbow

2. Because of it's extreme range, penetrative power and low cost. British archers were able to hold a defensive line whilst also taking offensive action against french mounted knights and armoured men from considerable distance <300m and more.

3. At Agincourt in particular, British archers formed a solid defensive line by setting up an impenetrable barrier of sharpened staked though which the heavily aromured Fench cavaly could not pass. In many cases the French were stopped in their tracks well before the British line.

4. Amputation of the first two digits of the right hand. Hence the derisive gesticulation of sticking up two fingers in insult, or to show "I've still got mine".
5. Having to go to war?

Note- other than 5 I copied from highlandsniper

Can I get my prize now Mr?

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