Quiz Jackpot No.3. Can you decode this?

1) Prince
2) Napoleon
3) Ostrich ?

Just thought I would have a stab, but im none the wiser derrick :shock:
Partially correct, Sir.
Have you remembered to deduct 20 Milcreds from everyone for the guesses? :evil: :evil:
C'mon People, unless I give you the answers, I don't see how I can give any more clues.
Maybe one, H.S. said the general subject was of interest to him.
OK - here's a try.

1. The Andrew = The Royal Navy
2. Brandy = Napoleon
3. Fast Runner = A Frigate

So I reckon we're looking at Nelson's Navy. The Figures represent the "Ratings" of warships, i.e. the numbers of guns carried.

The figures refer to: First Collumn: Rate of Ship; Second Collumn: No of gun decks; Third Collumn: No. of guns carried.

e.g. At Trafalgar HMS Victory would have been 1:3:104
Well done H.S., almost perfect, but I'm giving you the full 160 Milcreds. The clue 3 for the general heading was 'fleet', so the heading reads 'Royal Navy Napoleonic Fleet'.
As you rightly say, col.1 is the rating of the ship, col.2 is the no. of decks, and col.3 is the number of guns.
Bombardier, will you pay the Gentleman, please.
Not so difficult People, once you get the heading.
Do you want a Jackpot No.4?
I can't do picture quizzes, 'cos I don't have a scanner.
Well done Hs, l was just thinking of that answer NOT!!!.
Your money is on route. :mrgreen:

Jackpot question number 4 , yes please!
Superb question Derrick. Hand on heart I hadn't got a clue until this morning. Had parts one and two, but no overall answer - then this morning it suddenly clicked.

No.4 please.