Quiz Jackpot No.3. Can you decode this?

Derrick Stephenson

MI.Net Member
Feb 7, 2004
Col.1 Col.2 Col.3

1) 1 - 3 - 100 to 112.
2) 2 - 3 - 90 to 98
3) 3 - 2 - 64 to 84
4) 4 - 2 - 50 to 54
5) 5 - 1 or 2 - 32 to 44
6) 6 - 1 - 20 to 30
7) 0 - 1 - 16 to 18.

3 distinct, seperate, columns, but what do they refer to?
Rob, as soon as I posted this question, everybody quit the site. Looks like you're on your own again, Buddy.
Hell's teeth - are you secretly the guy who cracked Enigma.............no joking mate, that is totally gibberish to me, told you I couldn't count..............I'm outta here :shock:

I'll happily take your milcreds on sensible questions, but this one's already got me beat. laugh;

tng1; tng1; tng1;

See you for No.4
Rob, you of all people cannot let me down like this, I assure you it is a sensible, military, question. If no one gets it, or at least tries, there may not be a No. 4!!!
Later : That was hasty and stupid, stop being a wan**r, Derrick.
Sorry People.
And you thought BATCO was complicated? lol :mrgreen:

for those that dont know what BATCO is, it is the battlefield code that the British Army use. :roll:
Just to clarify for everyone When I said decode, I did not mean it in the sense of finding a hidden meaning or a cypher.
These are 3 columns of specific information regarding something. What you are looking for is the column headings, and what they refer too.
I hope that helps.
Obviously it didn't help.
I'm struggling to give a clue that doesn't make it easy for H.S., 'cos he'll be on it like lightning.
Doesn't anyone have any ideas?
I've cleared with Himself, that on the Jackpot questions, if someone is on the right track, I will contact them privately so that others can't benefit.
I'll keep trying to think of any help I can give.
Im still pondering this one derrick. :shock:
Not one attempt, and I can feel H.S. hovering, waiting for me to give a daft clue, but I'm having nowt to do with Apaches, hair curlers, or bl**dy cameras. :lol: :lol:
A clue to the general subject :
'Andrews brandy is a very fast runner'.
Derrick...........Derrick.............how can you do this too us?

The clue makes me even more confused. :shock:
Love it, love it.
H.S., you've made my day.
If my clues confuse, I'm doing my job, but I'm surprised!!!
:shock: :shock:
Over 100 views and not one guess. I'll try again.
General :
1) What is the Andrew?
2) A popular kind of brandy
3) What is a fast runner?
Answers to these will give you the general subject, but I will only accept answers to ALL the questions.
I've got to get something going, so I'll split the prize money -
40% for the general subject correct, and 60% for the headings. But to make it fair, the money will NOT be calculated until the quiz is solved, otherwise the person who gets the general subject is missing out.
C'mon People, go for it. Please!!!!!