Quiz Jackpot No. 20.

Derrick Stephenson

MI.Net Member
Feb 7, 2004
1) The number of sides in a pentagon.
2) The number of days in the Christian Xmas calendar.
3) According to a top twenty hit, the average age of U.S. Soldiers who served in Vietnam.
4) According to a famous book, the number of men on a dead man's chest.

1) = day date.
2) = month date.
3) + 4)(side by side) = year date.

Questions :-
1) What 'Act of piracy' ?
2) What was the result?

I hope this is not too easy and gives you something to think about over the Holidays.
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I know I said over the Hols., but I didn't expect this question to last this long without one guess.
C'mon People, it's not that hard, honest.
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Well, let's see now. #1 would be 5. #2 would be 4 # 3 & #4 =1918?

Date April 5, 1918?

Act of piracy=?

Result=end of WWI?
Sorry for the delay in replying, Irving. You were on the right track, but went totally wrong. Sorry.
Boy, you're still devious as ever. :evil: :evil: :? :? :?
December 5, 1915-don't know what the acts were or who was the agressor On December 5, 1915 all Acts of piracy in the Carribean brought to a halt by the Americans..
Sorry, Irving, have another look at clue 2. I don't know how many days you recognise in the U.S., but I did specify 'in the Christian Calendar'.
HHHmmmmm! I was thinking the twelve days of Christmas. Oh well, Guess I'll just have to throw in the towel, buddy.
now maybe I'm wrong to, but was it the sinking of the Lusitania by U20.
As a result of this the sink on sight order was revoked, on 18th
sept 1915 but I could be wrong. viki;
I suggest also sinking of Lusitania 7th of May 1915 although i can't quite fit that date to those clues. Result of sinking of Lusitania by German U-Boat? Well, at least it woke up some anger in US because so many Americans lost their lives. But US did not join the war until 1917. Am i even close? bou;