Quiz Jackpot No. 15

Drywall, you beaut, us oldies are goodies.
Well done my friend, absolutely correct.
I'll have to ask himself to go back over the posts and guesses, deduct from those wrong, and award you 100 Milcreds, plus the Kitty.
Brilliant, Buddy.
;) ;) :D :D rid: rid: sal; sal;
sal; Thanks Derrick, it was a lucky guess.
Paid in full :mrgreen:

Nice to see ya back Derrick, I hope things are getting back on track for you and Sue :roll:
Speaking of bars, I'm gonna take that 150 and slap it on the bunker bar. Drinks on me till its gone. Whaddya say :mrgreen:
Derrick Stephenson said:
Sorry Sir, just too late. Our illustrius Barman beat you to it.

Hee Hee, I was just kidding buddy, I saw DW post. I had no idea what it vwas until you posted your last clue and like you say DW got in before me.
Anyway lets go and get virtually drunk on Dw's new found wealth.
Hope you got the cashew nuts I ordered DW. :mrgreen:
Drywall, you are the Man.
While it's quiet, I'll have my usual please.
Never know when I've got to quit the site, unfortunately.
Never mind, I'm here when I can be!!!
Do the Jackpots questions work or not?
Tell the truth!!!
Derrick they do work, Gets the grey matter working dontcha know.
Keep em coming buddy, we all appreciate them :mrgreen:
Congratulations, DW. A tall cold Bud for me and some salted peanuts if you please, kind sir. :D :D :D