Quiz Jackpot No. 15

Derrick Stephenson

MI.Net Member
Feb 7, 2004
I'm gonna be hard this time.
No private clues, no nothing.
10 Milcreds per comment, 20 Milcreds per answer.
I need only a one word answer.
C'mon People, go for it.

What am I?

Was 007 involved in this?
One abbreviation of 'Himself' was crucial.
I'm no good unless there's two of me.
I'm part of what someone said Russia was supposed to be.
:?: :?: ;) ;) :D :D
My first thought was "b**bs" but I am having a hard time connecting Himself and Russia. Of course, that is often my first thought.

Rotorwash, the clues link only to the answer, not to each other.
P.S. how do 'boobs' link to the military, except for Lewinsky's?
:shock: :shock:
Oh, military - that's where I went wrong. I was thinking only of 007 and pair.
Our American Friends may have a different, (but I'm assured, untrue), version of this event, but Polar should be really proud of his Country's involvement.
C'mon, People, it's not that difficult. Does my reputation cause you all to be reticent?
Sorry, Eagledriver, no.
I'm really surprised that no-one has got this, because by coincidence, shortly after I posted the question, the subject was featured in a T.V. program in the U.K.
Well, heyhey, guess what? I'm not in the UK. So I guess I missed it.
That's no excuse, Irv, this thing has had more publicity and T.V. programmes over the last few years than George W and Tony in their bids for re-election!!!
:D :D
Hi Derrick, nice to see ya to see ya nice. (to coin a phrase) :mrgreen:
How are you and your good lady wife? :mrgreen:
Bearing up, Buddy, which is all you can do. Sue took the death of her young sister really hard, but the way she is, she sometimes forgets, then she's fine.
Derrick, you bounder. It's about time you showed your mug again. I don't get to watch much TV. Always working doncha know. Good to see ya back, buddy.
I know I said no clues, but I'm soft.
People, it's a one word answer that's a mystery.
:D :D
Sorry People, nobody is anywhere near.
Let's get rid of this question.

A one word answer which means a mystery.
It's dated WW2 and before.
Lots of wheels, punch tape, and early computers? involved.
A submarine provided the final solution.
:D :D ( I think ).