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Nahal Brigade Military Exercise

After a long training phase, which started right after Operation Protective Edge, the Nahal infantry Brigade soldiers participated in a large exercise, combined with the corps of Artillery, Armored & Combat Engineering.

Are they throwing bread at those soldiers ?
No, it's a stockpile of rocks for throwing, if you get hit with one that size it would do some serious damage!
SSgt. Ronen Lubarsky was killed by Islam Yousef Aby Hamid on May 26th, 2018. Last night, the Duvdevan Commando Unit, in which SSgt. Lubarsky served, took part in the operation to demolish the terrorist’s home.

excellent design, I have a doubt, has anti-tank missiles, right? how do they shoot, they rise on the turret with some hydraulic system or is the turret oriented to shoot them from behind?
Namer can launch two Spike-MR missiles from a pod which can be erected from and lowered flush into the turret roof.

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