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A Medical ICU has been installed onboard ALH Mk III from INAS 323 at INS Hansa by HAL. The Indian Navy can now undertake medical evacuation of critical patients by air even in unfavorable weather conditions as ALH Mk-III is an all-weather aircraft.
One month ago we lost 5 PARA (SF) operators in Kupwara Sector, Jammu & Kashmir UT
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Paratrooper Chhatrapal Singh 4th Bn Parachute Regiment
He was just 23

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Paratrooper Amit Kumar 4th Bn Parachute Regt. who received 15 bullets during gunfight

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Paratrooper Bal Krishnan, 4th Bn Parachute regt

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Subedar Sanjiv Kumar & Havildar Devendra Singh 4Bn Parachute Regt.

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Last photo of operators after being Heli dropped in the mountains through a HAL ALH DHRUV. You can see the trail of route made by terrorists in front besides of the chopper which later they followed. Contact established at 4 am in the morning where visibility was not good & drones couldn't help.

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Unfortunately on gunfight spot where snow slide/mini avalanche on corn ice happened & first 3 operators including their commander fell and rolled 150 feet in gorge where terrorists were sitting. All engaged in a close quarter battle despite having fractured bones. All 5 terrorists were eliminated in the engagement where 3 operators KIA on the spot and others 2 succumbed to their injuries in field hospital.
It was a routine operation for them but shear bad luck due to slide their position was exposed.
I think only paratrooper sonam tamang tshering survived


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