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Sep 19, 2009
I am a HMGS member who wargames with a club in northern Virginia. We use model soldiers and equipment in various scales. My specialty is WWII in 1/72 scale. I've already built over 2 divisions of armor in American, German, British and Russian (including captured Polish and French units). I'm the only club member who is an actual U.S.ARMY Veteran- three years in a 155mm Self Propelled Artillery Battallion, and three years as a MOBILE ASSAULT BRIDGE Operator in a Engineer Bridging Unit, so you can only imagine my fustration when dealing with armchair warriors who haven't a clue as to what actually happens when inferior tanks meet cutting edge tanks...
I've also operated M520 GOER 8 ton 4X4 Ammunition Carriers while I was stationed in Germany from May of '78 to December of '80 during my first tour. I'm also an American Legion Member, POST 320.

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