Photos Hill Of Salutation, Memorial To The Soviet Dead of WW2


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Mar 10, 2004
...or the Great Patriotic War. This is the first picture in a series I hope to post so keep your eyes open for new additions. This place is spectacular with lots of museum exhibts in the open. There is a massive museum behind the bayonet and I reccommend anyone to go if they're in Moscow.
The bayonet is covered with the names of Russian cities - hero cities that resisted the fascist invaders - and those cities which were recaptured from the Nazis.

Here's another picture - this is St. George slaying the dragon - St. George is the patron saint of Moscow and this statue is at the bottom of the bayonet in the first picture.
good impressive photos there.

zofo can i ask how good is your Russian, can you translate a few paragraphs for me.
I am in another life a translator/interpreter in Russian so you can email, PM or drop the paras into me DP - no problems, I'll get it done for you asap.

Thanks for the comments. I should have posted some more pics today but I left them at home.
Here are three more photos of the site - it is absolutely huge:
This is an overview from the front of the memorial area. Behind the bayonet is building which houses a museum of the Great Patriotic War.
This is the Russian Orthodox chapel on the site. There is a chapel, church, synagogue and mosque on the site representing the major religions of Russia.
Yours truly with a T 64B tank as corrected by Polar! :oops:
Zofo did you shure that this tank is T-72? When I look close his wheles I think tht this could be T-64B :idea:
I think T 72 - I didn't think T64B was fitted for reactive armour though I could be wrong.
Zofo T-64 was first line tank what have reactiv armor. When I find pic I post it
OK mate, look forward to it - the road wheels defeat me though - if you get a good side on picture that should confirm it.
You are quite correct Polar, thank you. I did a quick look at the T72 and the skirts over the tracks are immediately noticable as being different.
I'd better edit my post then, thanks again, a good ID correction.

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