Intro Hi, I'm ArlieCrew, a compilation my two newest grandson's names.


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May 1, 2020
I am currently, (until webby pulls the plug) a super moderator on the Sino Defense Forum, my home for about the last 10 years... I was talking to the most handsome sailor man that ever sailed the seven seas, he really is handsome, and sailed on 5, count em 5 United States aircraft carriers! any way BD was a defense professional and long time Super Moderator on SDF... anyway, I was singing the blues of being a USAF brat on a forum dedicated to a foreign power, with whom our relations are now a bit frosty?

and he says hey, come on over to MILITARYIMAGES.NET, so here I am, I'm an old AirForceBrat, but don't hold that against me, I'll try to behave myself, I really don't want to get "dinged" by BDPopeye again, thanks BD for the invitation Brother, he speaks very highly of you all, and Bombardier, I love your Harley man, and your smoke!!

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