On October 14, "Zakłady Mechaniczne Tarnów" (ZMT) informed about last week's visit to the shooting range in Skotniki Małe in Świętokrzyskie Province (Poland) of Greek special forces soldiers. Greek soldiers attended a shooting course there, organized by the Specialist Shooting Training Center, with the use of Polish 7.62-mm MWS-25 semi-automatic sniper rifles (previous name - SKW 308).

During the training, the representatives of ZMT presented the MWS-25 Modular Weapon System to the guests in various variants. The weapon aroused interest and was used for various types of exercises.

The MWS-25 (SKW 308) is a family of 7.62 mm x 51 / .308 Winchester semi-automatic sniper rifles, although the design can also be adapted to other cartridges (such as 6.5 mm Creedmoor). The effective firing range given by the manufacturer is 900 m for a 20-inch barrel.
The weapon can be completed with 343 mm / 13.5 inch long barrels (330 mm / 13 inch with the shorter muzzle device), 419 mm / 16.5 inch (with the shorter device 406 mm / 16 inch) and 508 mm / 20 inch. The length of the last two variants with the stock folded / unfolded is 738/995 mm and 843/1100 mm, respectively. The weight of the weapon, depending on the length of the mounted barrel, is 4.4 kg, 5.6 kg and 5.8 kg. The ammunition is fed from a 5-, 10- or 20-round magazine compatible with the SR-25 standard.
A Greek navy minesweeper and a Portuguese-flagged cargo ship collided Tuesday outside the country’s main port of Piraeus, leaving two navy crew slightly injured and prompting the evacuation of the military vessel.

It was not immediately clear why the minesweeper and the cargo ship, the Maersk Launceston container vessel, collided. The coast guard said all 27 navy crew members were rescued from the minesweeper, which sustained damage.
The two injured crew members were transported to a hospital, while the rest were transferred to another navy vessel, the coast guard said.
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A pair of 336Sqn “Olympos” F-16 BLK52M spotted over city of Patra when passing for October 28th national celebration day. Dimitris Kolliopoulos

Because traditionally #otd we fly over Thessaloniki, here is a photo from a pass a couple of years ago... #Dash5 #Mirage2000_5

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At the time (1991) commander of DYK was the late R. Admiral Ioannis Theophanides, who graduated from the Seal course in 1971.

At his memorial service , top left the Seal Budweiser with other medals, and a picture with a quote for Hell Week.

Austrian Cobra member wearing the EKAM police CT unit patch. The two units are at brotherhood status since Cobra came to assist Greek units during the February 2020 Greek Turkish border crisis.

Στέλεχος της Cobra, με το έμβλημα της ΕΚΑΜ.jpg
November 8, celebration day of the Hellenic Air Force and it's protector Archangel Michael. In the Christian Orthodox calendar celebration day of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel.

Retired pilots were called for a sortie with the serving pilots during the festivities.

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