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Jul 11, 2004
Gurkha hero dies as MPs vote to give them right to live in Britain

A Gurkha who had battled against deportation from Britain died on the day MPs voted in favour of a motion calling for the scrapping of immigration rules that would prevent many of the soldiers from living in the country.

Ram Bahadur Gurung battled against deportation from Britain but died on the day MPs voted in favour of a motion calling for the scrapping of immigration rules
Ram Bahadur Gurung, a Rifleman who once guarded the Queen, served Britain for 16 years, but despite an exemplary Army record, he was warned he would be deported.

His initial application to stay was rejected by the Home Office which said he had not shown "strong ties" to the country.

On Monday he was given "exceptional" leave to remain in Britain by the Home Office.

But he never recovered consciousness to learn of the decision and the Government's defeat.

The Commons vote meant Gordon Brown suffered a humiliating defeat over his refusal to allow Gurkha veterans to live in Britain.

With the backing of Labour rebels and the Conservative Party, a Liberal Democrat motion demanding the admission of all Gurkha veterans and their families was passed by 267 to 241.

In all, 27 Labour MPs voted with the Opposition, and dozens more abstained, defying orders to support the Government. One ministerial aide, Stephen Pound, resigned from the Government to vote with the rebels.

The defeat came despite last-minute concessions to Labour rebels from Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary.

Only hours before the vote, Mr Brown had told MPs that the Government could not afford to admit all the Gurkhas, claiming that doing so would cost £1.4 billion.

Campaigners and opposition leaders said that the Government must now drop its curbs on admitting Gurkhas and their families and allow all Nepalese veterans of the British Army to live in the UK.

Ministers last night promised to consider the vote and set out new rules next week.
The man served for 16 years and yet "had no strong ties to the country?"
I guess if you think he was a mercenary that might be a possibility.

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