Panzergrenadier with 20 mm ammunition for Marder IFV during exercise Ramming Bull in Pabradė, Lithuania 21.11.2023

Marder during exercise Ramming Bull in Pabradė, Lithuania 21.11.2023
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Navy KSM operators initiating the new breaching facility in Klietz. The Bundeswehr claims it is one of a kind in Europe and allows operators to blow/pry/cut open modular elements of the structure i.e.. walls, ceilings etc. which are easily replaceable. Germany, April 17th 2023
23rd Mountain Infantry Brigade is the best formation Germany has, in my opinion. Their commander until 2020, Jared Sembritzki, won Germany's equivalent to the Medal of Honor in Afghanistan for pulling an H. Jones and personally leading his battalion against a dug-in Taliban force. As a brigade commander, he earned a reputation as a magician because where his colleagues claimed inability to hold exercises above the battalion level due to their meagre funds, Sembritzki somehow managed to take his entire brigade on a massive free-roaming field training exercise like every six months. The results were predictably impressive, and from what I can gather his successor continues to build on his body of work. Sembritzki went on to become a two-star in the German Army command after a stint as USAREUR's chief of staff.

Goes to show it takes a practician in this line of work. I hope he continues to rise through the ranks, because he's the kind of guy needed right now.
I served in the Brigade 23 under sembritzki, He did alright, He brought in Sort of a "lets go" / "lets Attack" Attitude into the Brigade, Which was needed badly, but other Things fell under the rug in favor of His priority Projects.
For example, we found ourselves on a Mountain in snow 2 Meters deep while conducting a three week exercise, when we should have been Training for deployment.
Luckily we we're able to Catch Up with Most of the really important stuff.
Which deployment was that, Mali?

Well, gentlemen, in this snow survival exercise, the only thing we have to eat is bread with cold sausage , there is no coffee or hot chocolate, it's survival! mil-smile03

* Gunter! How are you doing in your survival training?mil-smile09
* Terrible! The portion of sauerbraten was not heated enough and I left out the sugar and cream for the coffee that I have in the thermos! mil-smile05

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