French Foreign Legion and Georgian sof snipers complete joint combined exchange training at the Abuli mountain range.

GSOF 21 141 s.jpg

GSOF 21 142 s.jpg
Delta revealed its new 9 tonnes Didgori APC/Scout car. Not much info yet. At least 8 to be acquired by the Defence Forces already next year.

GDF 21 - 537 s.jpg

GDF 21 - 547 s.jpg
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Further showcase of what's to come.

New modular kit for infantry

GDF 21 - 540 a s.jpg

GDF 21 - 541 s.jpg

GDF 21 - 542 s.jpg

New service and ceremonial uniforms, replacing the "green" ones.

GDF 21 - 543 s.jpg

Delta will begin supplying the military with their rifles for trial, at the end of January 2022.

The MoD video also showed typical CAA products like AK Alfa and various conversion kits. Might be in production too if it's on display. Wheter all the fancy non-AR-15 stuff will be supplied to the GDF remains unclear. The GSOF already benefit from CAA cooperation with kalashnikov upgrades as seen in the previous post.

GDF 21 - 544 s.jpg

GDF 21 - 551 s.jpg

Delta revealed its new 9 tonnes Didgori APC/Scout car. Not much info yet. At least 8 to be acquired by the Defence Forces already next year.

Some details according to:

330 hp engine.
Can carry up to 7 troops
Movement on slope at a 60% ( front ) and 40% ( side ) gradient
Without prep, able to traverse 80 cm deep water.
Max 110 km/h on paved roads.
No info yet on armor, "supposed to protect against various caliber weapons" is rather vague.

All in all, base specs are nearly identical with previous Didgori variants. In fact it can be argued that Didgori-II for example is overall a better machine as it has 350 hp engine, can accelerate to 120 km/h and traverse 1 m deep water. I also have to say that I prefer the more angled design of previous Didgoris ( D-1 ) and similar vehicles like Cobra or Panhard. Sloped armor may make minimal difference because of such small layer thickness, but it still increases survivability chances.
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GDF logistics capabilities are strengthening. GDF received logistic vehicles & various technical equipment in the framework of "Military Financial Cooperation Agreement" signed between ??-??. The ceremony was attended by MoD Juansher Buchuladze & Ambassador Fatma Ceren Yazgan.

Military R&D institute Delta created and started the production of new home made artillery shell disposal machines in order to replace the antiquated ones that were still in use. These new tools were designed by one of Deltas construction engeneers Demetre Saghirashvili.

GDF 21 - 701 s.jpg

Ones still used until recently. Photo from 2017.
GDF 21 - 668 s.jpg

Source: Delta
The bodies of the two special forces fighters Gia Beriashvili and David Ratiani, who were killed in Ukraine, were returned to Georgia. The Commander in chief was present to pay her respect.

They will be laid to rest with full military honours. Both participated in all of Georgia's peacekeeping missions and took part in combat operations as far back as 1993. In the 2022 Russo-Ukrainian war, they were part of a 10 men special detachment that went out to conduct ambush operations around Kiev. Following a successful ambush, they were unfortunatly struck by artillery fire, while leaving the scene.




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