GDF Sniper

T-55AM2, 2010

US soldiers and Georgian soldier in Iraq

Georgian soldier conducting amphibious assault, 2004

That's because of to avoid licence fees of the camouflage pattern itself. You see like some of the commercial military patterns MultiCam has a licencing fee so you have to pay lincence costs to it's current owner which is a textile company called 1947LLC if you want to produce the exact same pattern with the same colours and fabric locally. But if you roughly change the colours of the camo without touching the main pattern you are good to go without any fees and legal difficulties may occur.

Yep. That's precicely it. Although they struggled for years for good quality fabriques.
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I found them on now mostly unaccessible website, shame this website is not up anymore, still managed to get some photos from there

Ah yeah I remember that site. Shame it's down.

Apparently thedeaddistrict is also down. Shame. It had good info.
edit: the (a) website is still up but different host now ??
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